Vintage Indian Spice Grinder Bowl

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Indian wood grinder bowls, often referred to as "sil batta" or "sil batti" in Hindi, are traditional kitchen utensils used for grinding spices, grains, and herbs. These bowls are typically made from a single piece of hardwood, and feature a shallow, circular depression in the center called the "khalbatta" or "batta," where the ingredients are ground using a cylindrical stone called the "sil" or "rolu."

These stunning pieces have so much character, they show off the beautiful characteristics of the wood’s grain and texture. Perfect in a kitchen or on a coffee table or console table as decorative pieces.

Sold Individually.  The pictures of the bowls accurately represent the range.  The one you will receive will look similar to those pictured here. If you prefer to choose your own please email us after purchase and we can send you pictures for selection.

Guide Dimensions

Width- 16.5cm to 21cm
Depth- 16.5cm to 21cm
Height- 13cm to 20cm