British Rare Breed Goatskin

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Indulge in luxurious comfort with our Goatskin rugs. Crafted by hand by our neighbours Devonia the oldest Tannery in Britain on the edge of Dartmoor. These soft, locally sourced rare breed natural goatskins, add warmth and texture to any space. The beautiful natural markings makes each one unique and effortlessly complements any interior style. 

Goatskins are eco-friendly due to their biodegradability and minimal environmental impact. The production process typically involves fewer chemicals compared to synthetic materials. Additionally, goatskin is a byproduct of the meat industry, therefore reducing waste and ethically using all of the animal. 

SIZE:  Approx.  110cm x 85cm at the widest points

Colour:  Tones of Brown, Cream, Grey

Care Guide:

The natural lanolin in a goatskin helps keep them clean and resilient to dirt and spills, We recommend giving the goatskin a good shake and brush regularly to keep it looking its best.